During my 6-month internship at BMW Munich I worked on a handful of use cases. All of which were proof of concept or simulation based experiences. The projects consisted of taking a factory process and recreating that in a virtual world. For instance, my main project was to recreate the marriage of the chassis to the front axle, as part of this project I had the opportunity to go the factory to capture and record the process. I had no prior game development or virtual reality experience when commencing this internship so initially it was very challenging. But as I persisted the process was very rewarding. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality I cannot show the projects here but below is an example of one of my proof of concept projects.

The truck load simulator was created to test different loads on different qualities of roads. The user can choose their track and set the weights and the configuration of the loads. The user then drives the truck through an immersive VR experience while the app is tracking the data.

Truck Load Simulation